Being a Good Husband Means…

…when your wife has cleaned the kitchen and done the dishes and is taking a break from also working all day to support her family while you sat in a library and read philosophy, and she asks you “What’s for dinner?” you reply:

“You’re the one making dinner.”

I’m pretty much the best husband ever.

Also, don’t tell Emily I was on the Internet again.

5 thoughts on “Being a Good Husband Means…”

  1. Wow, so that means my husband is ALSO the best husband ever! I'd go tell him, except I hacked him into pieces in a fit of rage and buried him behind the woodpile. If only I had read this 2 hours ago…

  2. My ex was going to lingerie parties (women parade around and the guys pay the woman to take off the item and hand it to the guy) while I was at class in law school. You reading philosophy doesn't sound so bad to me.

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