“Ow!” Erin offered as she pulled on her sock. She gets dressed on her own now, with only the occasional (read: constant) imploring from us to just-get-dressed-just-get-dressed-go-get-dressed-get-dressed-where-are-your-pants-go-get-dressed.

“What happened?” I asked.

“My sock shocked me,” she replied. “It has static electrixity!”

“That’s electricity full of Triscuits,” Emily suggested.

“Hey! I know! It’s from the slide!” Erin concluded.

It’s not a bad conclusion, given her limited experience with things like electricity. In her world you are only shocked after going on the plastic slide at the park.

Her little, empirical, brain is a lovely thing.

One thought on “Empiricist”

  1. Pretty quick Erin! Love seeing little minds connect those neuro thingy's.

    And that I'm not the only one repeating that mantra in the mornings.

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