He’ll Have the Cleanest Teeth Ever

03/09/2011 By Shawn Burns

I have a small scar on my right ankle. When I was a precocious scamp, just under two years old, I clambered my way up onto the countertop, stuck my feet into the sink, and turned on the hot water.

I’ve had better ideas since then.

Apparently there’s something in the DNA about climbing onto countertops and into sinks, though, because THIS:


Adrian has figured out that he can sit in the sink and eat toothpaste. It’s not a discovery I ever would have expected. Who would think “Someday my son is going to want to eat all the toothpaste in the house”? Maybe you would have thought of it.

Monkey. Just like his dad.

Ah, but carrying that scar around with me my whole life taught me one thing. As soon as we moved into this house I turned off the hot water valve for that sink.

Lesson learned and implemented, Childhood Injury.