If you replace “Mine” with “Mime” in song titles, it’s always funny.

03/13/2011 By Shawn Burns

For instance:

Sweet Child O’ Mime: Most annoying kid ever. Alternately, Baby, Mime: Most adorable mime ever.

Keeping with Guns ‘N’ Roses, You Could Be Mime introduces existential, and silent, uncertainty into life.

This Little Light of Mime, I’m gonna let it shine. Then I’m going to turn it off, because if you can’t see the mime, he can’t bother you.

Any Man of Mime better be proud of me, because I can convey ideas using out loud words and never get stuck in invisible boxes.

And as a bonus, Coal Mimer’s Daughter is about a mime with an oddly specific act. But, you know, you mime what you know.

Go ahead, play along at home.