More Last Tweets: What’s the Last Thing the World Would Ever Read of You?

03/07/2011 By Shawn Burns

Back in August I went through my Twitcleaner report and discovered dozens of people who were no longer actively Tweeting. Since I had to click through to their profiles in order to unfollow them, I was able to read the last tweets they ever wrote. Sometimes the last tweet provided a small glimpse into the reason they were no longer using Twitter; sometimes it was just fun or spooky or tragic to read reasons into those last 140 character strings.

It has been a while since I have run a Twitcleaner report, but I did another one this morning. This time around there were more names I recognized among those who haven’t tweeted in a while, and it made me sad to know they had gone inactive. But just as before, there were some funny, spooky, tragic, and strange #LastTweets to go out on.

I’m going to go with “No.”!/KatesCrazyLife/status/32915147647356929

I smell a conspiracy. What was in that picture, Carrie? What did someone not want us to see?!/koehmstedt/status/29365909982281730

 Which one is the “bug alot?”!/AmyFishKnees/status/25231941976457216

  Confirmed: Bon Jovi concerts are dangerous.!/rachellems/status/13526727238094848

I suspect the former Duke did not take this lying down.!/SaintJer/status/13332024941084672

The fatal thumb injury.!/indigoeyes/status/12188647621140480

 When the Men in Black arrived at her door, she never expected them to say, “It’s about your tweeting.”!/oscarelli/status/9427899329290240

 If you try playing Beatles songs on your iPod that you didn’t download from iTunes, your house explodes. There’s an app for that.!/twgallagher/status/4728285854433280

It’s hard to run and tweet at the same time. BUT IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE, KELLY. Quitter.!/macaroniandglue/status/3446032738291712

 The Dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland. Pat woke up in the past and will be back on Twitter when her new grungy timeline catches up.!/PartyPlanPat/status/25556129095

 Don’t tweet and drive.!/aummom/status/24166717019

They finally caught up with the notorious KBB.!/KelseyBeeBot/status/22580667856

Maybe. I hope you did.!/laughdontcry/status/22308781038

 Jacquie got so pissed off at her Droid that she flounced away from the Internet, never to be heard from again.!/me_Jacquie/status/21864555762

She left the TV on and caught 2 minutes of “Man vs. Food” afterwards and didn’t have the resources to survive another round of puking.!/mommypie/status/20854739312

I hope she found her perspective.!/denisejacks/status/20240943201

 Note to self: Avoid the rock garden on the Pinhoti.!/alatrails/status/20159333174

This is the only one that I’m positive is a farewell tweet. (Note, she has updated her blog intermittently since leaving Twitter.)!/DonMillsDiva/status/5082799801