12 thoughts on “Should You Vaccinate Your Kids? The Most Controversial Opinion Of All”

  1. You'll have to let us know when AoA puts you on their "hit" list, my guess is hilarity will ensue. At least for us… ;)

    ps. as a mom of 2, one of whom is autistic, yes, I vaccinated them both AND would do it again. Thank you for this thread, it's making me laugh. :)

  2. You are such a dork!

    BTW, I vaccinated both my kids, and even though my son got whooping cough after his DPT shot and it took 3 months for him to recover from it, I'd still do it all over again, because it's 2011 and our knuckles aren't dragging on any more.

  3. Your being an internet bully!

    Is your next set of posts going to be about whether or not it's ok to breastfeed a baby in public? (You obviously are not equipped to do so hence why I did not make the statement breastfeed your babies in public.)

      1. Do you really want me to give a rebuttal for that? I have one but it gets entirely to politically incorrect to discus here. Something to do with the effect of reducing the potential for being on our dime for any medical conditions in the future because of poor health and lack of insurance.

        Oh and it creates a need for nursing bras so yes, yes it does do something for the economy! :)

          1. Wow I get called a commie for that! WTH!!! Was it the nursing bra comment or the poor health of not-breastfed babies that got it? Friends like you who needs enemies!

            Now go kill some nazies!


  4. I believe that vaccinations are incredibly important, HOWEVER, the controversy surrounding autism has scared many parents, including myself. This fear is absolutely unnecessary and the government and pharma companies should be ashamed for scaring parents into not vaccinating at the benefit of their end profit results.

    How hard is it to make vaccines without all the unnecessary chemicals (ALUMINUM specifically), when it is a known harmful chemical. I chose an alternative vaccination schedule as I was petrified of autism and chemical overload, and my child is still vaccinated, he just didn't have to endure (8) shots in one visit.

    Unfortunately it's all about profits, and that's disgusting. Parents should not have to endure this should I, shouldn't I decision. It's no different to organic, non GMO foods. You have an option, you know that if you choose GMO foods, that possibly you are injecting chemicals into your body, but YOU have the choice!

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