Erin is a sneak. She scampers around the house, clandestine prizes behind her back, or in her shirt, and ends her maneuvering under a table or bed.

It’s most often something she wants to use as a toy that isn’t a toy, and that she’s been forbidden to play with. When caught, and reminded about that pre-established fact, her reply is almost always the “Oh-oh” of a false epiphany.

I don’t really know why she always thinks she’s getting away with something when she never gets away with it. Perhaps kids are insane, by definition.

Or perhaps Erin has more than a little of Coyote in her. In the Christian West we fear tricksters. They are descendants of Judas. But the Trickster is welcome in my home. I consider cleverness a virtue, not a society-destroying vice. Erin, and Adrian after her, will be well-equipped to be both Coyote and the ones who can spot Coyote. Coyote is a teacher, not just a villain. We learn from him if we don’t fear him.

But Erin is going to have to try harder than merely closing her eyes when she walks by. I can still see you when you do that, baby girl.

4 thoughts on “Sneak”

  1. Ha! Coyote kids… a useful skill in the making. I love how the eyes-closed ends the world for them. Happy friday…

  2. I welcomed the Trickster in my home until my daughter hid behind my bedroom door with a sheet over her head. When she jumped out and scared me, my Coyote reflexes kicked in and I hit her in the face.

  3. I always loved playing hide-n-seek with my kids. Either they would hide in the same place every single time, or they'd had in the last place you hid. I guess they don't get sneakiness too well.

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