What Should We Call the 2010’s?

Although my suggestion for “Naughties” for the years 2000-2009 never caught on during the actual decade (I still have hopes for retroactive adoption), there is still time to give our current decade, 2010-2019, a name.

So, here’s my suggestion: The Teenies.

2010 would just be known as Teeny. 2011 would be Teeny-one, 2012 would be Teeny-two. 2019 would be Teeny-nine.

Again, good people of Earth, go forth and proselytize. We are just starting out in the Teenies, but if we try hard we can make them the best Teenies of all time.

15 thoughts on “What Should We Call the 2010’s?”

  1. Yea i like the naughties… but the teenies? I think we are going to have to keep working on that one. But remember it doesnt really matter because on 12/21/12 it all will end anyways.

  2. I am the father of teens. They're already spoiled so I'm sorry but I can't agree to naming the decade after them too.

  3. I was going to comment, but I did the Google Follow Thing, and it asked me what my favorite Joss Whedon project was. Why does it need to know that? I mean, it's "Firefly", but still.

  4. Here in the UK the term "Noughties" was used pretty thoroughly throughout the decade, so it might well have caught on without you realising it…! : )

  5. You've got some pretty brilliant ideas in your head. The Naughties I'm behind and I wish you'd told me sooner so I could use it. The Teenies? I believe in you – there's something better.

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