Erin Sets Me Straight

“This one is gooder than that one,” Erin opined as we considered sweaters to wear.

I corrected her: “‘Better’, kid. ‘Gooder’ isn’t a word. You mean ‘better’.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “‘better’ is a gooder word.”


“Fi, fie, foe…,” Erin began from the back seat as we drove to the park for the morning. Then she stopped.

“Fum,” I added. “It’s “Fi, fie, foe, fum. I smell the blood of an Englishmun.” I hurried past “blood” and emphasized “mun”.

“What’s an Englishmun?” she asked.

“An Englishmun is someone who lives in England,” I explained.

“Who lives in England?” she pressed.

I was a little stumped. She didn’t have all that much experience with English characters. Had I been thinking better I would have suggested Alice. But I missed.

“Well, Thomas lives in England,” I finally managed.

“No daddy. Thomas lives in Sodor.”


How many times have you lost to your kid today?

7 thoughts on “Erin Sets Me Straight”

  1. "Why, my dear, the Monarch of Canada lives in England. Along with the Canadian Royal Family. But fear not, child. We have the Governor General, her representative here on North American soil, to guard and guide, especially during this time while the Parliament is dissolved." Mention of England doesn't immediately make you think of the Crown? No? Are you going to park her in front of the tube for the wedding, and let her see the English version of all that Disney princess stuff? Some say the English are gooder at making princess stories.

  2. Duke (3 1/2): "Can I have my vitar?" (pointing to the plastic instrument on the floorboard of the backseat)
    Me: "Sure, but it's a Guitar, GGGuitaar"
    Duke: "No, it's a vitar."
    Jack (4 1/2): "No Duke, it's a guitar, like Mommy said, with a GEE"
    Jack: "NO Duke, it's a GUITAR and YOUR HURTING MY EARS!!!"
    Duke: "NO JACK, IT'S A VITAR! STOP IT!" **now crying from frustration**

    Which is what we then heard the entire rest of the 30 minute commute home last night because I couldn't just have handed it to him and kept my mouth shut in the first place. You'd think I'd have gotten this by now.

  3. I lose all the time- but I did once have a similar argument during which I pushed the idea that Sodor is located off the coast of England. At that time my son couldn't read, so he couldn't prove me wrong.

    Victory was sweet.

  4. Is it bad that I was all who is Thomas? And what the heck is Sodor? Is it bad that I, UM, googled it??

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