I Have Seen Into Robert Pattinson’s Future…

04/23/2011 By Shawn Burns

…and it is hilarious.

So, you all love Robert Pattison, right? He’s just so dreamy or something. I mean, look at the guy.

He’s got a kind of scruffy, no-tan thing working for him. Instant heart-throb. Cue squees.

I am reminded of another scruffy, no-tan heart-throb, from many years ago. Tell me, have you seen Peggy Sue Got Married? Recently? Here is Kevin J. O’Connor as the James Dean of the high school.

With his unruly hair and his scruffy appearance, Kevin J. O’Connor was set for life, right ladies?

But then….something happened…..

All that scruffy, no-tan handsomeness turned into…Benny. Oh, and he also started to go very, very bald.

Watch your back, Rob. And your hairline.