The Top 25 Sexiest Mom Bloggers

So, you’re surfing the interwebs and you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, who are the sexiest mom bloggers in the world?” And then, like I’m in your brain, squeezing your mind-grapes, I provide you an answer. I couldn’t include all of the sexy mom bloggers on the list, because every mom blogger is sexy to some degree, and I haven’t paid enough money in hosting fees to store a list that big. So, I had to limit the list to the Top 25 Sexiest Mom Bloggers.

A list like this is important, because it lets us focus on the very relevant factor of sexiness. It ignores elements like quality of writing, helpfulness, sincerity, skill, morality, popularity, hilarity, and advocacy. It’s all about sexiness. It’s the best way to separate the quality blogs from the chaff. If you’re on this list, you’re worth reading. If you’re not on this list, well, you definitely aren’t worth reading. That’s the point of lists.

So, here we go, in no particular order except order of sexiness: The Top 25 Sexiest Mom Bloggers

1. Do

2. I

3. Look

4. Suicidal

5. To

6. You

7. ?

You’re probably on the list. You should probably assume that you are. So grab a badge. They’re free.

Top 25 Sexiest Mom Bloggers

Just copy and paste the code below, without the outside quotation marks.

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80 thoughts on “The Top 25 Sexiest Mom Bloggers”

  1. Awesome. I was totally rolling my eyes when I clicked on the link, like "what a completely stupid list to make" but was curious who'd be on it. SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED.

  2. I want that code. But you screwed it up. Put it up and I will put it on my blog STAT or post haste or right away.

  3. I was procrastinating instead of writing when I saw a tweet about your post on Twitter and had to come over. Dude, brilliant. You're the upside to my procrastination. Loved it.

  4. Now your chances of getting invited to join the Golden Gate Mothers Group are even slimmer. On the other hand, it's not exactly To His Coy Mistress.

  5. Awesomest post evah. :) Totally. Now you've done dads and moms, looking forward to "best blogger kids" post follow up.

  6. I'm confident that the story about the chunk of grass in my nose definitely puts me on this list. Hotness. I have it.


    Next time I come here, I want to see my name on some kind of list, or I WILL be starting a Twitter campaign.

    You have been warned.

  8. I knew it would be something like this, I knew you weren't that stupid. But I clicked anyway. Well played.

  9. What an honor! I'd like to thank my parents, because they're the reason I'm so good looking. And, of course, my son, because he's the reason for my Sexy Mommy-ness.

  10. What an honor! I’d like to thank my parents, because they’re the reason I’m so good looking. And, of course, my son, because he’s the reason for my Sexy Mommy-ness.

  11. Yeah me!!! I'd like to thank my 10 readers (yes, that includes you Mom) and Backpacking Dad for having such blog power to be able to hand out this award. I am all verklempt and stuff.

  12. Dude! My thought at seeing the headline was, "He must've missed a dosage of meds or something." Turns out that wasn't the case. Good one.

  13. Insert gratuitous I-made-the-list joke here. Also? I'm surprised I did make the list b/c A) I'm pretty sure you haven't read my blog, (But I could be wrong… please let me be wrong) and B) I'm not your typical Mom Blogger.

    Grabbing my badge and running now before you yank it out of my hands and take me off the list.

  14. Keep drinkin' what you're drinkin' and keep wearing those rose-colored glasses! Thanks for including me on your list! I've always believed in Disney Magic!

    Now, I will just wait for the sexiest Drag Bloggers!

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