I hard-boiled some eggs yesterday. I didn’t eat them all. This morning I ate the rest. I had four hard-boiled eggs. There was a slice of raisin bread on the table, smeared with peach jam from last year’s canning adventures. I had given it to Adrian to eat, but he did not want it. (I gave one to Erin as well, and she ate hers all up.) The untouched slice of raisin bread smeared with peach jam from last year’s canning adventures drew me in, so I ate it too. I had four hard-boiled eggs and a slice of raisin bread for breakfast.

The raisin bread was not toasted.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. I am guessing you won't be hungry for awhile with all that protein! And seriously how COULD you not toast the raisin bread for your babies LOL

  2. Lovely repudiation of nihilism. The absence of bacon is brilliant—leaves the observer longing to know, was the choice intentional? That and the fact that we cannot ever truly know how many eggs were in fact boiled. Ah, the contrapuntal juxtaposition of the wanting and not wanting of the children, standing for your wanting, "You gonna eat that?" And I was undone at "drew me in." Exquisite.

  3. I made bacon and eggs. I asked several times if anyone small wanted bacon before frying it up. I still wound up with only one slice. Which is like a bacon tease.

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