12 thoughts on “Breaking News: I Used to Wear Vests”

  1. I like the disco vibe you rocked. You should resurrect that look nowadays. Add some hipness to our lives. Heh.

  2. That kid looks nothing like you. The medium brown hair? The GQ pose? Was that the kid who used to beat you up every day on the way home from school? DAMN those good-looking, popular kids!

  3. Just be glad you escaped the vest and cowboy-ish hat look of the '80's brought on, I believe, by Bono. Is there a cringing emoticon? I would insert it here.

  4. Was there a disco ball in the background? And did you rock a Danny Terrio move? Brave post my friend. Perhaps sometime I will post my fail of a Dorothy Hamil haircut. Or not.

  5. One word – suave, and I ain't talkin' cheap shampoo. Nope. You know I'm talkin' Rico.

    OK, more than one word.

  6. Our parents have put us through some mean stuff. How can that collar be comfortable?
    I wonder which designer t-shirt our kids are going to hate on their blogs?

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