Help Me Choose a New Profile Picture

05/03/2011 By Shawn Burns

It’s been nearly two years since I updated my standard profile picture for Internet things. I’ve been using shots from a session I did with Carla from Baby Ji Designs just before BlogHer 2009. The photos in my current blog header are all from that shoot. Back then, Erin was still in the backpack, though just barely, and Adrian was brand new to the world and still too small to go in the backpack at all. Now, Adrian is nearly out of the backpack entirely. I can’t believe it’s been so long.

A few weeks ago I did another session with Carla, this time with proceeds going to support Enoch Choi’s Japan relief work. One of the pictures from that session will be my new profile picture, but I can’t decide which one.

So I need your help.


I suppose I could always mix and match them around on sites, using one for Facebook, one for Twitter, etc…But that’s too reasonable. So what say you, Internet? Left or Right? Smiling Dad or Mischievous Boy? Two arms or one?

Editor’s Note: The picture to which my wife alludes in the comments below is this: