My Recurring Dream

I’ve been having a recurring dream lately. I am lying down in the bedroom, laptop open while I play a game or mess around on Twitter. I am watching an episode of Buffy or Angel in the background. The kids are out of the house somewhere, probably at daycare so I can work. Emily is at work because she actually works. I drift off.

I wake up to a smell, pungent and thick smoke. My eyes sting. I leap out of bed and rush to the kitchen, where I see a pan on the stove, heating through to burning. I remember that I had started making dinner for my family, but had only gotten as far as putting the pan on the heat before wandering away. I grab a towel and remove the pan to the sink. I turn off the stove element, hoping I haven’t done too much damage.

I try to decide between starting to make dinner again, or taking the easy route and spending money on take-out.

I wake up.

9 thoughts on “My Recurring Dream”

  1. hmmm…. I think that would freak me out a bit… is it a subconscious warning that you're too distracted? some "ESP" thing warning you about a potential fire? just a strange coincidence? I don't know. I'm not a dream expert. obviously. ;)

    still… that would certainly make me start thinking about what might be causing such a strange recurring dream…

  2. This is just a sneaky way of gauging Em's reaction before you admit that you took a nap, burned the pan, and didn't get any work done, right?   I like it.

      1. Or, the pan is the dissertation, that needs to be getting full and timely attention.

  3.  I think that you should write a song about that dream. It has potential to be big. Worst case scenario it might get panned.

  4. I didn't originate this interpretation, but will pass it on, fwiw… fear of the onset of puberty.

  5. I didn’t originate this interpretation, but will pass it on, fwiw… fear of the onset of puberty.

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