F Is For “Father” or Something

Happy Father’s Day. Here’s a thing.


F is for “frmgldin…leave me alone, I’m sleeping.”

A is for “America.”

T is for “Tron: Legacy” because that’s totally about a father.

H is for “How did I get this old?”

E is for “Everybody out of the god damned bathroom.”

R is for “America.”

6 thoughts on “F Is For “Father” or Something”

  1. Shouldn't R be for "Rambo" or "Robocop" or "Return of the Jedi," any of which is probably airing on Spike right this very second because it's a holiday today, right?

  2. Awesomeness. I love it.

    I find myself asking "How in the hell did I get this old, and still have kids that are this young?" quite often.

    Happy Father's Day!

  3. Well, it's better than twitterpicin' yer nekkidness, I guess. You're gonna be fascinating when you get old and senile. E and A are lucky kids, to have you to show them the world. May you not grow up before they do. Happy Father's Day.

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