How do you even answer this?

“Hey, hey daddy. Do animals don’t even like karate?”

“Um…I guess that’s true. Animals probably don’t like karate.”

“Do MOOSES not like karate?”


“How about this: If a moose is blocking our way on the space road, we can move to another road.”

“Because of the karat….”

“Don’t let the moose get your bum.”

“Oh. Kay.”

“Excuse me. Can you take my picture?”

“Wait. What is happening?”

“Whee!! Bye daddy!”

(from the distance….”I win!!”)

Apparently so, little girl.

2 thoughts on “How do you even answer this?”

  1. Free associate right back. It's one of the perks of parenthood. The kid won't even blink. "Oh, look, a bug. Wanna play candyland? Why is it called candyland? Why not candyroad? Wanna go ride bikes? My favorite Kool-aid color is red. Is that your favorite too?" Unless you're on the other side of the bathroom door, in which case you're absolved, and can just do an occasional "Uh huh. Uh huh."

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