The Diamond Ring of Damnation: A Giveaway #diamondringofdamnation

07/19/2011 By Shawn Burns


So, my friends Uncle Shopkeep Alexei and Auntie Shopkeep Marie of San Francisco’s best indie boutique, Fiat Lux, have decided to branch out into the social media world a little. They have a Twitter account, @fiatluxsf, and on a lark Uncle Shopkeep Alexei asked me to help him get to 100 followers. In exchange, he would let me have one of these awesome diamond rings for Emily.

Diamond Ring of Damnation

It was a bribe, really. A devil’s deal: Do I sell out my Twitter followers, my loyal interlocutors, my friends, for this? If I do, I’m damned. So, of course I said “yes”. And then I dubbed it “The Diamond Ring of Damnation” (#diamondringofdamnation on Twitter).

Here’s what Alexei says about the designer, Daisy:

Daisy is a young female metal-smith, ethnically a Filipina, native to the Bay Area. She graduated from a well-known metal-smithing school and handcrafts each piece on her own, then bezel sets the diamonds or gemstones. She started out by making engagement rings and wedding bands for family members and friends. We found her at a design festival, where she was swamped by all of these jewelers making big trendy pieces. Her booth measured 3 square feet and she had about 60 pieces on it. It was a no brainer. All of her diamonds are VS1, which is the highest quality (what’s called “clarity”, the measure of other trace elements in the rock) you can get at this size, and she works mostly in sterling silver, though we also carry some pieces that are in rose gold and 22k yellow gold. She’s been at it for only a couple of years on her own, which is what attracted us to her, and her line has allowed us to offer customized pieces (she does custom engravings on these tiny little pieces).

Her stuff isn’t trendy, it’s touching. For example, a young woman came in and I showed her Daisy’s line, then she came back a few days later and asked if she could get two of her necklaces, both with angel wings carved on the front and with the name “Marie” carved on the back. It turns out that her mother had just passed and she wanted one for herself and one for her sister. Another woman has asked to put her child’s heart monitor printout on one of her pieces. People tear up when they see her shit. Crazy stuff.

It was totally selfish, and I should be ashamed of myself. But I’m not, because Alexei and Marie are friends, and they have great taste. Also I’m totally selfish and ashamed of myself.

But wait! There’s more! Perhaps I might be redeemed.

Because Uncle Shopkeep Alexei and Auntie Shopkeep Marie have offered to put up a second Diamond Ring of Damnation, custom made, to the winner of The Diamond Ring of Damnation Giveaway. They’re hoping to get to 200 Twitter followers. I think we can do it.

Here’s how to enter.

1. Follow @fiatluxsf on Twitter.

2. Leave me a comment saying you’ve followed @fiatluxsf on Twitter.

That’s it. The comments are just so I can manage the giveaway for Alexei instead of making him do it.

Bonus Entries!

If you tell a friend to enter the giveaway (by following @fiatluxsf on Twitter and leaving me a comment) have them reply to your comment down below as their notice of entry. You’ll get an extra entry in the drawing, numbered immediately after theirs.

The contest ends on Sunday, July 24th, 11:59 PM PST.

Tell your friends!