The Fruits of Summer

07/11/2011 By Shawn Burns

Summer is fully upon us now, here in the Valley. While across the road, giant technology companies launch ever-more-raveling social products, our backyard garden offers ever-more-tempting earthbound delights. What follows is a summary of my summery day.

My apricot tree is dropping fruit faster than I can keep up. Unlike last year, though, this year I’ve managed to pick enough apricots to turn a basket like this:


Into jars like this:


My planter boxes are bulging with green plants. We’ve eaten most of the green lettuce, but I had not done more than pick at the green onions shooting skyward.

Onion stalks

All unbeknownst to me, my cucumber vines were hiding behemoths beneath their leaves, some grown so large their allotted green could not spread to cover them entirely.


I finally took pity on the herbs growing in the shade of my giant kale trees: I cut the kale down and turned much of it into kale chips. Likewise with my last red leaf lettuce tower, grown so tall since the last time I had need of lettuce that I could not decide if it should be picked, or have ornaments hung from it. In the end I picked it, and reserved the leaves for some future saladic use.

By mid-afternoon, all I lacked was a giant horn to set on my table.


And, as should always be the case, while I harvested the fruits of summer, the kids simply enjoyed them.


Not bad for a Monday.