Two Minute Blog Post

I have to stand up in exactly two minutes. That means I’ll have to remove Adrian from my legs. I am lounging on a loveseat, posed like Cleopatra on a fainting couch, and Adrian is tucked away in the crook of my folded legs. He is playing with a DVD, and threatening to scratch it. I’ve had to take it away once, because nothing sucks worse (nothing, nothing! Hyperbolic statements!) than a scratched DVD when that DVD is clearly the one he wants to watch because he was just playing with it.

Adrian just conned Emily into putting that DVD on for him in the other room, so he’s left the bony height of my folded legs for a more comfortable spot. I miss him already.

Now it’s time to stand up.

2 thoughts on “Two Minute Blog Post”

  1. Scratches on a DVD can sometimes be fixed, but let me tell you – bite marks are NOT good. Our copy of The Incredibles died a slow, painful death at the teeth of my now 5 year old. *sigh*



  2. That reminds me of the little boy about 3 I saw in the meat section of the grocery store yesterday. His mother was texting or tweeting, and he was walking along the row of meat packages hooking one finger into the clear wrap of each package to make a hole in each one. Mom noticed and told him to stop, then she went back to her device. The kid paused for just a second, then continued down the meat row, one poke per package.

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