The Craftsman Blogger Summit: Wow, that was like, two months ago.

In June (two months ago…I am very good at putting off blogging about things) I was invited to Chicago to participate in the Craftsman Blogger Summit. Basically, bloggers like me with little or no home improvement savvy, were coached through the use of a selection of Crafstman products by some home improvement/DIY bloggers who knew what the hell they were doing.

The Experts

Mike Senese, Timothy Dahl, Holly Conrad, Lisa, and Stuart Deutsch

The, uh, non-Experts

C.C. Chapman, Redneck Mommy, Kim Moldofsky Ethan Hagan, Andrew Snavely, Brett McKay, Busy Dad, Miss Lori, Mr Lady, MomStart, Tools in Action and The Gadgeteer.

And me. All I knew how to do was rock the safety glasses.


Over the course of the day, however, I learned how to build a sawhorse…

photo (1)IMG-20110610-00015

…make some midwesterner game called “cornhole”…

photo (7) IMG-20110610-00023

…and use a saw-thingy and a rip-your-arm-off router to make a…

photo (12)photo (8)

…Pizza Peel!


(Not pictured in the picture above: me. That’s Mike Senese, host of a few Discovery Channel shows and all-around nice guy.)

The Craftsman Experience video crew captured the end-of-day build-off between Mike and Timothy Dahl, charged to build the better mailbox.


My favourite part of the day was making “+1 Ogre-slaying knives” with Holly Conrad, most excellent cosplay costumer and designer (and my total nerd-crush). Here she talks about it with the Craftsman Experience video crew.


And Holly shot a video of her own about the day:













Many thanks to Craftsman for flying me out, putting me up, and sending me home with some tools I kinda-sorta-maybe know how to use a bit better now. And also for the Ogre-slaying knife.

(Oh hey! While we were there, the bloggers learned about a new web-series Craftsman was doing called “Screw’d”, in which a novice tool-user had to become an expert in a very short period of time, undergoing several DIY challenges along the way. It has now begun airing at the Craftsman Facebook Page and you can follow poor Alan’s misadventures at

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