The Gordon Ramsay Drinking Game

08/25/2011 By Shawn Burns

I watch way too many Gordon Ramsay cooking/kitchen/reality shows. I watch so many that I’ve started to cringe when I hear him, or one of the people around him, offer up a classic Ramsay expression.

But, I realized, instead of cringing when I watch (and there’s no way I’m going to stop watching), why not have some fun? So, here is The Gordon Ramsay Drinking Game.

(Google search). Ah, crap. Of course someone has thought of this already. (More Googling) Wow, many people.



Well, anyway. Here’s my version.

  1. Get drunk. (Skip this step at your peril. Watching Ramsay reality shows while perfectly sober is not recommended by the FDA.)
  2. Take a sip every time Gordon says “My darling”.
  3. Take a full pull every time Gordon takes his shirt off.
  4. Chug half a beer every time Gordon says “The most amazing…..”
  5. Chug half a beer every time Gordon or anyone else on the show says “That wow factor.”
  6. Drink a bottle of wine every time Gordon says “You’re going to kill someone, you idiot!”
  7. Do a keg stand every time Gordon says “I’ve eaten here!”
  8. Open a brewery, brew a vat of beer, and drown yourself in that vat of beer every time Gordon says “Anthony Bourdain is a better chef than I am.”
  9. Go to an AA meeting every time Gordon says “That’s disappointing.”
  10. Burn down a church every time Gordon is pleased by a restaurant menu with eighty items on it. Drink the sacramental wine, if there is any.
  11. Propose to a stranger, get married in Vegas, rent a villa at Caesar’s Palace, order the most expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate your rash marriage, and take a sip of that champagne every time the most controversial dick of a contestant who should obviously be going home first, actually goes home first.

Enjoy, and safe Ramsay-ing.