What Happens to Leftover Mac ‘n’ Cheese?

I made blue box mac ‘n’ cheese for “dinner” tonight. I tossed some frozen shelled edamame into the water with the cooking “noodles”, because adding edamame tricks somebody into thinking that this is healthy. I think the somebody being tricked is me.

My kids don’t eat a whole box of mac ‘n’ cheese, and Emily doesn’t help much. And what is leftover isn’t quite enough to feed both the kids at another meal time. So what happens to the leftover mac ‘n’ cheese?

Do I:

1) Put it into a container and refrigerate it anyway, in case I want to give it to one of the kids, while I make something else for the other?

2) Toss it in the trash?

3) Stand over the sink with the pot in one hand and the serving spoon in the other, shoveling the orange mess into my mouth so it “doesn’t go to waste”?

Oh my god.

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18 thoughts on “What Happens to Leftover Mac ‘n’ Cheese?”

  1. Stouffers orange box mac n cheese — exactly the right amount for 2 kids and you won't have to either 1, 2 OR 3 'cause unless it's homemade it's gross and the kids won't eat homemade so it's a vicious cycle…

    1. Orange box? mac n cheese only comes in a blue box. You must be mistaken.

  2. Always choose option #3. I never got the chance cause I had three kids and they ate it all. Unless I made two boxes……….

  3. A little late here. I buy those restaurant condiment containers at a wholesale store and put half the cheese powder in one and return it to the box with half the pasta. If it's not enough for them to eat then give them a portion of something else with it.

  4. 3boys has a good idea, though I'm surprised three boys don't clean up on a single box of mac-n-cheese. Over here, we put the leftovers in the fridge and throw them out three days later.

  5. EAT IT ALL.

    Or, next time add butter before you serve it and it'll taste better as leftovers.

    Disclosure: I swore I would never eat that crap again after college, but now I just get the organic kind and call it a compromise.

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