Erin and Adrian Go Planking

There’s a thing, that, for some reason people are doing everywhere: Planking. They take a picture of themselves doing a plank pose on or over something, and usually it’s the thing being planked on that is interesting. A famous landmark, a recognizable object, a celebrity (George Takei got planked). I don’t know why people do this.


We went to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf yesterday, and while I could post picture after picture of the things we did and the people we were with, I instead leave you with this.

Here’s Erin, planking on this thing, whatever it is (some kind of mooring? Is that a word?) with Alcatraz in the background.


And here’s my new favourite Backpacking Dad picture. I don’t know what the big deal is about planking. It’s pretty easy to do. 



Let’s go plank on everything!

25 thoughts on “Erin and Adrian Go Planking”

  1. Planking – its a family activity! My 15yo and I were waiting for my 9yo (he had gone to the bathroom at Old Navy) and the 15yo planked. I grabbed his phone and it went on his Facebook page! You’ve got one up on me, I’ve yet to plank!

  2. Erin wins for form and mystery (the hair in the face). You win for the backpack and that bruised chest you, inevitably, have.

  3. watch out – it’s addicting… my kids love it! and yes, owling has replaced planking, or so says the internet :)

  4. Owe, your chest. I can feel that one. I’m still waiting for the punchline with planking. All I can think is it’s better than, um, not planking?



  5. Wow, being stuck in the midwest, we miss so much. Planking, owling? Never heard of ’em. I guess we’ll just wait 10 years or so, and it’ll reach us over here…just like Trader Joes. Or, maybe there’s just nothing worth planking/owling over here in the middle?

  6. So… technically? Your hands are supposed to touch the sides of your body for proper planking form.

    I don’t make the rules, I just play “that asshole on the Internet who points them out like a cuntface.”

  7. Oh sweetheart, please teach your kids not to play on or touch those. That’s a mooring warp on a marine bollard. Can’t see from the pic, but if that line (rope) is tying up an actual marine vessel (and not merely a nautical decoration on the dock), that straight line of the rope that extends out to the left under your feet can come under immense pressure without warning. That’s what the figure eight under you is for, to hold fast if the rope becomes taut. It could crush or sever anything caught in between. Also, if the line snapped (rare, but happens), it would crack like a whip, faster than you could react to get out of the way.

  8. Wow! I try planking just for exercise. It looks like you’re having a lot more fun at it!!! Next time I see an interesting object I’ll have to plank!

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