Future Plans

09/03/2011 By Shawn Burns

The kids are sleeping.

For a moment, their future held a water park. Now it holds a swimming pool.

If in twenty years, they look back and say “Why didn’t you take us to the water park that day? Why did you force us to settle for the swimming pool?” I will reply, with combined sagacity and impatience:

“Because we were taking you back to Disneyland in six days, ingrate.”

Maybe I won’t say “ingrate”. But come on.

Further, I will be driving both kids down south to L.A. and Disneyland, meeting up with Emily on Thursday in L.A., where she will be attending a conference. A solo parent road-trip is in our future, all so Adrian can go on the Dumbo ride he’s been babbling about for a week, and so Erin can see Rapunzel. Again.

So, yeah. No water park. But I’ll pack a picnic lunch.