I Joined Google+, For Realsies

This is me on Google+. https://plus.google.com/u/0/101713858652427070527/posts

I’ll be playing over there now.

I had another Google+ account, associated with a Gmail account that I never used for anything. You may have Circled that account (although unless you’re a marketing dude from India, you probably didn’t), and I went and deleted it entirely, anticipating that I’d be able to use my Google Apps account for Google+, which as of two days ago I can. So that’s what I’ll be doing.

2 thoughts on “I Joined Google+, For Realsies”

  1. Listen, I’ll circlify you. Happily! But I can’t promise I’ll visit G+ soon… I’m still angry because I told a joke there and no one laughed.

  2. Having seen your tweet the other day, I wanted to ask… what sort of backpack should I be looking for when planning a trip to the coast?

    Only kidding. I’ve just added you to my “Dad Bloggers” circle on Google+ though. I also added you to my “Backpacking Advice” circle, so you should get some good enquiries through that… :D

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