This is the Spinal Tap Amp of Dad Blogs

10/26/2011 By Shawn Burns

Good news! There’s a Top 50 Dad Blogs list up over at Babble!

Top 50 Dad Blogs

Unlike other Top Whatever lists, this one actually counts and every advertiser, employer, reader, media outlet, and world leader should pay attention to it. That’s just my objective, unbiased, working-for-Babble opinion.

Also, this blog goes to 11.

Now, does the fact that this blog is #11 on the list mean that it’s better than 38 other blogs on the list, and every blog that’s not on the list? Well, yes. Of course it does. And, I suspect, and can confirm through an anonymous source working with Babble (me) that the only reason my blog here didn’t get the #1 spot, awarded to the Best Dad Blog In The History Of Everything Ever, is because Babble didn’t want to appear biased toward one of their Babble Voices bloggers. I can understand that. In fact, when my anonymous source at Babble (me) told me this, I nodded my head sagely and shook my hand and told me that I was willing to accept #11, but only if I could make a Spinal Tap reference and write all of my Babble Voices posts naked from now on. My anonymous source at Babble (me) agreed. So that’s what I’ll be doing from now on.

That’s way better than having the #1 Best Awesome Dad Blog In The World, Mike.