How Christmas Nearly Ruined My Eye: A Follow-up to Yesterday’s Story

12/27/2011 By Shawn Burns

A minor part of my Christmas Eve saga was getting scratched in the eye by the Christmas Tree.

It has turned into a more major part.

“I woke up Christmas morning to laughter and love and hugs and presents and delighted children and happy wife, and also to a large translucent spot hovering in front of my left eye, shaped like a giant Jelly Belly and re-appearing after every blink. As the day went on, the spot interfered with my focus enough that I started to have a 3-D movie kind of eyestrain.”

Read more at my Babble blog.

And tomorrow, a real post will go here. It will be about Disneyland. It will be about Erin at Disneyland. It will be about Erin working her magic at Disneyland, again. That girl has strange powers.