What is your most unusual, yet practical, use of a common household appliance?

01/17/2012 By Shawn Burns

So, Kenmore has invited me out to visit them and see cool Kenmore things at the Kenmore Blogger Summit. That will be this weekend. In advance of that, though, they asked me “What is your most unusual, yet practical, use of a common household appliance?” Why are they asking me this? Because, I assume, Kenmore is sick and tired of selling refrigerators to people who want to keep food cold, or blenders to people who just want to make smoothies. Where are those brave souls using stand mixers to trim the hedges? The split-level oven as bunk beds for tiny fire demons? Where is the creativity, America?

Anyway, Kenmore is having a video contest: Submit your most creative, but practical, use of an appliance for a chance to win prizes from Kenmore (I think it’s Sears gift cards in varying amounts, like $100, $50, or $25).

To enter:

    1. Be in America. Sorry, un-America.
    2. Record a video of unusual, but practical, appliance use. Cover up any non-Kenmore branding (you can use whatever appliance you want, but they can’t use videos that show another company’s brand. Just stick some tape over the name). If the videos are large, uncompressed Quicktime videos 1920 x 1080, 16:9 those are best, but not necessary. Mine won’t be. But the larger video size the better, they say. I say just shoot it on your phone and send it right away. THIS SHOULD NOT BE STRESSFUL.
    3. Submit a video TO ME, by e-mail: backpackingdad at backpackingdad dot com.
    4. I pick up to 5 good videos, and send them in to Kenmore, but I’m on a deadline, so I need your video sent to me by Wednesday, January 18th, at 5pm PST (Pacific).
    5. Wait, and wait and wait and wait and wait. I actually don’t know how long it will take for them to pick a winner.
    6. That’s it.

How much effort should this take? I don’t know. I pulled out my phone and shot a video in 24 seconds. Don’t think too hard about it. Just send a video in.

Here’s mine.

It’s as easy as that.


Again, you have to have a U.S. address to win a prize, so sorry un-America.