Although a Picture Tells a Thousand Words, This One Hides Volumes

02/04/2012 By Shawn Burns


For while Erin was reaching the apex of her swing, she was yelling, “Daddy, daddy, look how high I got! Without whining!”

The last time she was at the park she grumbled and whined the whole time she was on the swings, refusing to do the work required to pump herself as high as she wanted to go, demanding that I push her. If I have a button, it’s the whiny-demand button, so I told her we would be leaving if she couldn’t have fun at the park. More whining later, we left.

That lesson seems to have sunk in.

Return to the picture now. Do you see Adrian standing there? Well I certainly didn’t. As I was reaching for my camera, he was on the neighbouring swing. As I was aiming the camera, he was on the neighbouring swing. As I was taking the picture, he was off the swing.

And as I was lowering the camera, he was stepping in front of his sister’s swing.

Just after this picture was taken, Adrian was flattened. (He’s fine now. And perhaps a little wiser about walking in front of swings.)

So sure, a picture tells a thousand words. But today, everything interesting going on happened on the edges of the picture.