Little Four

I poured your cereal today, my little four, though you’ve been pouring your own for a while now.

I spread the peanut butter on your bread at lunch, though this is a favourite trick of yours.

I pushed you on the swings today, though you often pump higher than I push.

I read to you tonight, my four, though you’ve begun to read to me instead.

I want to keep you, little four; little, four. Little. Four.

But you outgrow yourself, second by second. You outpace me, day by day. You leap to greet mornings; you race to everywhere.

In the morning you’ll be gone, little four, my little four. I built the bike you’ll leave me on, little four. It’s waiting there, your rocket, your future on two pink rims.

I added training wheels, to make four, my little four. I get to keep that much of you, my four. Slow down, wobble, get right, get straight, get strong.

Tonight I say goodbye to you, my four, my little four. Tomorrow I’ll go riding with my five.


11 thoughts on “Little Four”

  1. Aw.. this brought tears to my eyes.  You’re the sweetest dad ever. :)  Congratulations on your wonderful children.  And Happy birthday to your daughter. 

  2. sweet, sweet, sweet! Happy bday to your little beauty. wow, that went by fast.

  3. that’s an awesome post.  My baby is just starting to walk and I am filled with anxiety that tomorrow he’ll be running a marathon.

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