I Love You Internet, But Seriously?

We live in a wondrous age of wonder. We can send people into space, communicate nearly-instantaneously with friends and family around the world, and download any episode we want of Kitchen Nightmares right to our peripheral brain boxes.

Thanks to social networking and the integration of social networking tools we can also provide immediate feedback to people and companies we feel need it. Don’t like what that restaurant served you for dinner? Go on Yelp and rate them. Don’t like what Gwyneth was wearing on the red carpet? Hit the pop culture websites and vote the dress down in the polls. Love that video of the hatchback proposal that may or may not have been a Honda ad? Give it a thumbs up, Like, or +1.

What all of these things have in common is the thought that you are providing feedback to an entity who, though they may not actually care, could care, if they noticed.

Sometimes we put social elements on things that, well, just don’t need them.

For instance:

Fullscreen capture 5292012 100059 AM

What, exactly, is the weather supposed to do with the information that I felt “ugh” about it today?

I love you Internet, but seriously?

15 thoughts on “I Love You Internet, But Seriously?”

  1. this is a good point. i will FB then tweet and perhaps i will build a tumblr around this I should go on google and +1 it,except no one else is there. :D

  2. lol, what I love is when you watch the local news, they use these “poles” and make a comment about them… “about half our commenters were thrilled the weather, George, the other half wish it were warmer”, “guess you can’t please them all, hardie-har-har”  such a waste of time!

  3. I’m sure they’ll come up with some lame statistics on how people in San Francisco don’t appreciate great weather as much as people in Portland. 

  4. Everything has a LIKE button now days…just imagine if you could push one..after say..more “real life” moments….

  5. I site I buy some cosmetics for my rosacea recently implemented a badge system when you buy things. I asked myself the same question.

  6. Also, the FBI is obligated to record that you felt “ugh” about the weather today, just in case that little bit of information becomes part of a chain of social feedback that says something about your patriotism or your feelings about rogue states and nuclear proliferation.


  7. Your comments are only too true, we today are bombarded with the likes of like it – stumble it – share it  – +1 it all this add on to what in mot cases is tame dull material endlessly being force fed down our throats.  Come on if something is truly brilliant then why not share it but in all honesty is everything brilliant or worth sharing with whom ever springs to mind with your personal networks or wider work networks.  Google scream content, content, content, is king and yet soon there will not be enough room an a page to place any material thanks to these endless PUSH AND PULL BUTTONS.

    Great Blog by the way, I will be back if invited.  I am keen to see you next installment..

    Lisa Mills
    Mum of 7
    Creative Gifts Ltd

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