‘Twas the Night Before Kindergarten


‘Twas the night before kindergarten

And throughout the home

All the parents were dreaming

Of days all alone.


The lunches were packed

In their boxes with care

By good moms and dads

Who were battling despair.



What to do with their days?

They had not a clue.

They planned out the ways

They’d find work to do.


But they couldn’t replace

All those sounds they would miss.

Or the games they would play,

All those owies they’d kiss.


“My babies are grown!”

Cried the one to the other.

“Not yet,”  came the thought,


“There is another.”


Two more years, chocolate face. Grow up slowly. Your parents can’t handle it.

5 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Kindergarten”

  1. I know exactly how you are feeling – my daughter will be going into grade 2 and I remember the extreme sadness when she started JK. My youngest is starting this year…oh boy – bringing tissues with me for sure!

  2. I do not accept this rapid passage of time. No. Time can give in any time now.

    I hope she had an amazing, stories to tell you later day.

  3. Oh, ache. My youngest of four, my boy, started 6th grade Monday. New school after preschool through fifth in the same place, four blocks from our home. Grow up slowly!

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