It’s Time for Sugary Architecture and Landscaping

Erin and Adrian attended a gingerbread house decorating party last night with their friends. There were gingerbread house kits provided, and then a potluck dinner and movie night with all of the kids in the community. They had a lot of fun, but we arrived a little late, so they didn’t get a chance to finish decorating their houses (and trees) before we had to pack up before the dinner. So I promised them they could finish today. It’s rainy, and keeping them entertained indoors without someone ending up in a traumatized ball in the corner (me or Emily) is usually pretty impossible, so this kept them busy for an hour or so.





How is your day? What do you do on rainy days? Do you do any holiday crafts?

5 thoughts on “It’s Time for Sugary Architecture and Landscaping”

  1. I love the cookie christmas tree idea! Today we played outside late afternoon. We enjoy as much outside time during the holidays here in AZ bc summer is brutal. This week, family Christmas decoration making ;)

  2. I saw a gingerbread house decorating kit in a store a while back and thought I should get one for the boys… haven’t yet, but would be fun to do with them. I don’t think I’ve ever made one myself, to be honest…

    As for our rainy day activities, we often end up both watching lots of TV and putting on all our rain gear (or just crocs & shorts, if it’s warm enough) to go stomp in puddles.

  3. Oh, how we love the annual architecture of the young. I wrote a short rhyming story called “House of Cake” naming all the parts of my dream house and what they’d be made of. I thought it was a great idea, until the first couple of times I read it to the kids at bedtime. It had the opposite effect of what I intended. Looks like a great time!


  4. Those are great!

    We’ve been baking/decorating cookies to give to neighbors. We do spritz cookies like my grandmother made, and I share stories about her with my kids while we work together.

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