A Tiny House to Catch a Fairy

02/16/2013 By Shawn Burns

Fairy House Collage

Erin and Adrian have been giving a lot of thought to fairies: What do they eat? Do they leave you presents? Can they help you fly? Can they be lured into a clever trap and made to do one’s bidding, particularly in regards to the aforementioned flying?

So Erin conceived a plan to build a house for visiting fairies, to draw them in and enchant them; to persuade them to stay; to help her fly. She is confused about the difference between fairies and pixies, not realizing, perhaps, that their dusts differ.

Emily helped Erin build and decorate her house and its furnishings. A tiny bed, with pillows and a blanket; an area rug; a table and chairs (with cushions). Erin also insisted there be a bridge for the fairies to use to approach the tiny dwelling, and a path strewn with coins and flowers. She left candy hearts on the table for her new friends; bait in the trap, or treats to influence friendship. I’m not sure.

And lastly, if you look carefully, you can see a small signpost next to the bridge. It reads, simply, “Fairies Welcome”.

I feel as though I should amend the sign to replace “Welcome” with “Beware”. Or perhaps place a picture of Admiral Ackbar somewhere nearby, to warn the tiny visitors that it’s a trap. Or maybe I should play “Hotel California” on a loop.

It’s sweet, really. Diabolically sweet.