Your Stupid Pitch of the Day

An email I received this morning opened with these first two sentences:

“Hi Shawn,

Are you a Mom with an idea for a great new product?  Mompreneur’s are taking the business world by storm and The Women Inventorz Network can help you take your idea from pipedream to successful business.”


Let’s see if we can spot the mistakes, shall we?

1. No, I am not a mom. I’m a dad. Way to read an e-mail address. (backpackingDAD at backpackingDAD dot com; it’s also in the blog name, for those who need extra help).

2. Nor am I a “Mom”. Why is that even capitalized? I don’t mean to disparage moms here, but it’s not a nationality.

3. “Mompreneur” is not a word. However, if it were a word, the plural form would surely be “Mompreneurs” and not “Mompreneur’s”.

4. “Inventorz”. Oh, just kill me.

So, to sum up: dads are Moms, Moms are Mompreneur’s, and Mompreneur’s need an inventorz network.

Good night.


1 Kim Tracy Prince { 02.20.13 at 9:48 AM }


2 Man V Child (@ManVChild) { 02.26.13 at 7:16 AM }

Feelz liike u are leeving $$ on the table.

This could be a perfect opportunity to infiltrate the MomZ Network of Inventorz and foil their planz!

3 Emily { 04.01.13 at 10:17 PM }

Haha! Thanks for this, shame on them. Some people man… someeee people.