Catching Up (With Photos)

06/10/2013 By Shawn Burns

On a recent trip to Gilroy Gardens, Erin insisted on dressing “like Word Girl”. Word up.CAM01156

On a recent trip to the Hiller Aviation Museum, Erin insisted on sitting in the cockpit, like one of the Blue Angels. Thumbs up.CAM01211

On a recent trip to the comic book store, Erin and Adrian insisted on heading straight for the Mad Magazine section. Screwed up.CAM01215

On a recent trip downtown for a parade, Adrian insisted on rockin’ out air-guitar style with a group of Little League kids. Tuned up.IMG_3845

On a recent trip downtown for a ballet recital, Erin insisted on being adorable as all get out. Dolled up.IMG_3892

And on a recent trip to the Stanford Powwow, I insisted on grilling 80 lbs of chicken and an entire salmon for the tribal elders. Burnt up.Shawn@theGrill

On a recent blog post, I insisted on recounting a number of events and adding pictures to enhance the stories. Caught up.