Night Time Photo Walk in San Francisco

01/13/2020 By Shawn Burns

A couple of years ago Emily arranged a night time photography workshop for me with the Aperture Academy. I’ve done a couple of workshops with them over the years now, and they helped me catch some nice pictures I never would have taken on my own.

At sunset, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge to catch the sun dipping below the hills.

Cotton Candy Sunset

Then, just after sunset, we went to the Palace of Fine Arts to catch “blue hour”, a time when the sky isn’t quite black. I had never noticed such a thing before, but there it is.

Blue Hour at the Palace of Fine Arts

We went to Lombard Street to catch long exposures of tail lights against the backdrop of the city.

Lombard Street at Night

We went to a couple of other spots but I’ve been away from blogging long enough that I can’t get WordPress to accept the files and I don’t remember what tweaks to make to pictures to make the site like them again.

There is no other point to this post than to show off some pictures that I like. Blogs! They can be whatever you want them to be!