So, what the hell is #HomeHer10?

It’s a conference…

Pretty much the best conference ever. E-VAR.

It started out as just me talking about canning peaches and watching Californication yesterday and faking a Peepers Party and a Flickr stream now it has conference badges, Twitter twibbons, actual giveaways  (and here and here and here) and t-shirts (and more t-shirts) and a billion more fake and kinda real parties.

It actually says "SRprinkelcorn", which is apparently short for Senor Prinklecorn.

I started to make a list of all of the #HomeHer10 attendees but I don’t think I can keep up for very long now…it hit 500 people and I had to start a new one. It hit 700 people and I had to stop tracking it. Just follow the tag….HERE

#HomeHer10 T-shirt

Thanks to @babyjidesign for the fake t-shirt.  Also see The Stiletto Mom and CBSMom and @Totally_Toni for more recaps. Toni also created the Mr. Linky below for #HomeHer10 posts and more keeping getting added all the time. People are awesome.

If you are doing something special for #HomeHer10 and want to get the word out just add #HomeHer10 to a tweet. If you are doing something besides writing a post (for which you can use Mr. Linky to link) that you would like people to know about then let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

I will try to keep updating this page.

38 thoughts on “So, what the hell is #HomeHer10?”

  1. People ARE awesome. I'm just waiting for the HomeHer Ad Network to start up.

  2. I'm attending two conferences, both WorkHer10 and HomeHer10, and I guarantee I'll be less busy than I was last year at BlogHer09.

    Swag this weekend compliments of the local grocer and Target. Woohoo!

  3. Love. It. Makes me feel better about being stuck here in a house making pb&j sandwiches all afternoon.

  4. Hilarity like this may be the reason I was at my computer in my pajamas the past two days. But I did go out and get my hair & nails done and buy a whole new wardrobe of the latest, trend-setting pajamas I could find to wear to be here with all you people. Because it's all about wardrobe at these big blogger conferences, right?! Thanks for making NOT being at BlogHer '10 feel possibly more cool that actually being there.

  5. And have you guys noticed that the Hilton did not loose even ONE of #HomeHer10's attendees' luggage?

    p.s. Swag at WalMarts at 1:00 p.m. …

  6. okay i have no idea why mine says (have ticket) but hey! I'm rockin HomeHer10 like WHOA and throwin a CheeseburgHer party tonight.

    Y'all should join me. Paper bag hats for all! HUZZAH!

  7. I think we need to send Backpackingdad to BlogHer11 as our emissary/geek/DJ and the one who makess the #HomeHer11 booth the most happening thing happening at BlogHer11 Anyone want to contribute?

  8. Sad to hear that some BlogHer10 attendees thought we were eating sour grapes in HomeHer10-land. My perspective: I'm really new to blogging. Wouldn't even have heard of BlogHer10, except for my good guru Kate Buck Jr (who is awesome). Started getting her tweets, thought "Oh, how cool. Wish I was there, but it's nice to have vicarious thrills". Then I saw a #HomeHer10 hashtag, followed it, and laughed through the rest of the weekend. I didn't see sour grapes, I saw a sort of "break-out session", just underlining the power of social media experience. Now, it's true that if there hadn't been a BlogHer10, there wouldn't have been a #HomeHer10 (and all the other), but the point is that all those people, both in New York and in their own homes were participating in one big experience. As your sparklecom choice points out, "We are family". Lighten up, people. It truly has been all in fun, and definitely one of the craziest, silliest and yet deeply moving experiences I've ever had.

  9. I had a great time and made many new connections thanks to HomeHer10, just like I would've at the conference this weekend. Thanks for making it so much fun. I don't think I shared how I saw my 90 year old neighbor in her nightie knitting & watching tv at the PeepersParty. That I could've done with out.

  10. I left my brief HomeHer post. It's really more about the Internet being rad this weekend. And, of course, you're rad too!

  11. I know, I'm way behind on getting my post up! Frankly, it took me this long to come down from the high of HomeHer & be able to properly express in words what the weekend meant to me *sniff* ANYWHO, I can't thank you enough for all that you did for those of us involved in HomeHer…I will treasure the memories!! ;-))

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