So, what the hell is #HomeHer10?

08/05/2010 By Shawn Burns

It’s a conference…

Pretty much the best conference ever. E-VAR.

It started out as just me talking about canning peaches and watching Californication yesterday and faking a Peepers Party and a Flickr stream now it has conference badges, Twitter twibbons, actual giveaways  (and here and here and here) and t-shirts (and more t-shirts) and a billion more fake and kinda real parties.

It actually says "SRprinkelcorn", which is apparently short for Senor Prinklecorn.

I started to make a list of all of the #HomeHer10 attendees but I don’t think I can keep up for very long now…it hit 500 people and I had to start a new one. It hit 700 people and I had to stop tracking it. Just follow the tag….HERE

#HomeHer10 T-shirt

Thanks to @babyjidesign for the fake t-shirt.  Also see The Stiletto Mom and CBSMom and @Totally_Toni for more recaps. Toni also created the Mr. Linky below for #HomeHer10 posts and more keeping getting added all the time. People are awesome.

If you are doing something special for #HomeHer10 and want to get the word out just add #HomeHer10 to a tweet. If you are doing something besides writing a post (for which you can use Mr. Linky to link) that you would like people to know about then let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

I will try to keep updating this page.