And the Winner of the Cyborg Coffeemaker Contest Is…..

It looks like a tie between Nathan Fillion and Alyson Hannigan.

Wait, no, one of YOU won the coffeemaker. They’re just the ones who got the most votes for “Favourite Joss Whedon Alum”.

Although there were 50-something attempted entries in the contest I had to throw out a bunch of them for “not giving a crap” reasons. That is, although the first rule of the contest said to leave a comment naming your favourite alum, some of you thought that part didn’t matter and you could just leave a comment and get an entry.

No. You can’t. Seriously, twenty seconds on Google and you’d not only have discovered the awesome world of Joss Whedon, but figured out how much of an influence he’s been on the television world you live in now. And you’d have been entered to win a cyborg coffeemaker.

However, there were also some people who were confused about what I was after when I said “alumnus/alumna” and gave me the names of characters instead of actors. These entries I kept, because while “not giving a crap” is the fault of the commenter, being confused about the meanings of words is at least partly the fault of the writer. Me. I’m the writer. See? That could have been confusing too.

(But come on. Alumnus? You don’t know what alumnus….no…nevermind. That’s mean. I shouldn’t do that.)

So, in the end the total number of valid entries was 40. produced a sequence in 5 columns with the winner being….

Fullscreen capture 1222011 104543 AM


Now….who was 22 again?

Wait a second while I count…

It’s Vegas710 from Playa Minded!!!


Exclamation points!!

Congratulations on your win, Vegas710. Don’t let your cyborg coffeemaker kill John Connor.

Everyone should go yell at her for winning because you are all super jealous now.

4 thoughts on “And the Winner of the Cyborg Coffeemaker Contest Is…..”

  1. Hey, I would totally have entered and would totally have said, unequivocally, David Boreanaz. Or Nathan Fillion. I'd go with either. But unfortunately I gave up my US address when I moved back to Canada. I feel slighted. Slightly.

  2. Jealous. Grrr.

    How did I not know about this contest?? Can I still vote for Nathan Fillion? What does HE win? I think he should at least get a coffee maker too.

    Seriously, I'm going to have to pay closer attention because I *rock* at randomly selected contests.

    An alumnus of reading your blog … (does that make any sense??)


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