The Tassimo T20 Brewbot Coffeemaker Might Make Good Coffee: Review and Giveway

So, there’s this coffeemaker everybody is talking about. It’s a robot. It makes one cup at a time. You insert little discs into a contraption, put a cup on a shelf, and press a button. Bam: coffee.

I don’t drink coffee.

However, I have a wife who drinks coffee.

And…..Bosch’s representatives contacted me shortly before Christmas: Do I want a coffee maker to review?

Normally I turn down reviews, especially for things I don’t use myself. The Tassimo T20 Brewbot pitch would have usually received a polite decline from me. However….

… was just before Christmas…..

….and my wife drinks coffee…..

….and I could get a free coffee maker… give to the wife who drinks coffee….

They say it’s the thought that counts, and at that moment my thought was “Score.”

So I accepted. Now I have a sweet coffee maker on my counter that my wife can use to brew up her single-servings of whatever the hell tar she drinks (available in regular and Starbuck’s flavours. The tar.)

Review (All opinions herein are mine own, forsooth, unswayed by the fact of receiving a T20 for free)

I cannot review the quality of the coffee the Tassimo T20 makes. I am not a coffee drinker and I know nothing about coffee. Emily offered to review it for me, but she has a real job.

So I pulled out the old-school coffeemaker we have hanging around the house, set it up next to the Tassimo, and shot a video of me making coffee.

That’s interesting right?

Really the video is just there to serve as proof of one thing: The T20 is fast.

The advantage is clearly to the T20 in speed and clean-up. Even with a head start in prep work the conventional coffee maker took nearly twice as long to brew some coffee. Not only that, but the extra time to wash and replace the filter basket and coffee pot makes the difference even more pronounced: there is no time lost to clean-up with the T20.

However, as you can see in the video if you pay attention, the conventional coffee maker is actually making more than one cup’s worth of coffee. Although the difference in volume doesn’t account for the time difference, really, it’s an advantage of the conventional brewer that it can make more than one cup at a time while you go do something else. With the T20 you’d have to switch discs out, which means that you’d have to be in the kitchen with the coffeemaker to guarantee that multiple cups were brewed at the most efficient speed.

Although the Tassimo has a variety of coffee options at the moment, and is starting to gain some shelf space at my grocery store for its T-discs, it cannot compete with conventional coffee makers for variety: conventional coffee makers can brew anything on the shelf. You are limited to Tassimo’s selection with the T20, and if it is not a success there will be no further variety.

And that’s the gamble with the T20: you hope it’s successful enough to be worth investing in, because the pricetag on it is $129.99. I don’t remember what I paid for the white Kitchen Gourment brewer I used in the video, since I bought it more than five years ago, but if it was more than $25 I’ll eat my hat.

Emily likes Starbucks coffee. And the T20 can make Starbucks coffee and espressos and cappuccinos and other kinds of things with specialized creamers that you might normally also need to have a different machine to make. She’s also the only coffee drinker in the house, so the one-at-a-time limitation isn’t really one at all. These factors make the T20 great for our household, and keep it on the countertop. The same might not be true for your house.


Because you’ve read down this far, and because, I assume, you sat through a very boring video, I have something special for you. Bosch has offered to give one of you a Tassimo T20 as well. However, I’m the one who gets to choose who to give it to.

So, The Rules:

1. Leave a comment on this post. In this comment I want you to tell me who your favourite Joss Whedon alumnus/alumna is and why. (For those who live under a rock, Joss Whedon is the genius behind shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, movies like Serenity and the soon-to-be-released The Avengers, and web-series’ like Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. People who have worked with Joss Whedon have gone on to success on shows like Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Castle and Veronica Mars to name a few, as well as countless films and web series.)

2. Comments must be posted by 11:59 pm on Friday, January 21st, 2011.

3. Only one entry per person.

4. I love you.

5. Not in a weird way.

6. I will choose a winner in a totally fair and impartial way, using I’m tempted to choose one based on who gives me the best answer, but I don’t want to give an unfair advantage to people who tell me how handsome I am.

7. I love you. I think I said that already.

8. You must have a U.S. shipping address to play.

Good luck.

61 thoughts on “The Tassimo T20 Brewbot Coffeemaker Might Make Good Coffee: Review and Giveway”

  1. I must be from Underrockland. I don't have a favorite? I'll just say that your hands are very handsome in this video.

  2. Save me from my Bosch Power Tools employed hubby @dadgineer who is SERIOUSLY pissed at me for buying from the competitor, Keurig, when I purchased our "1 cup at a time" coffeemaker!! I think I still see steam coming out of his ears and I sleep with one eye open, lest he render me eyebrow-less in my slumber!

    Oh….and as for Joss Whedon Alumnus/Alumna….No clue! I've never seen any of the shows you mentioned as having association with Joss either. Except Bones. I like Bones. And Coffee. And safe sleep!


  3. Nathan Fillion-cute, funny, cute, and you are very cute and funny, too (Oh, yea, sucking up doesn't count-I take it back!)

  4. Well, hmm…I like that he worked on Glee (who doesn't like Glee…seriously…don't say you don't like Glee…Glee is all kinds of amazing…for so many reasons). I like that he directed the Office….ohh…John Krasinski….swoon. That's about it. Ohh..and I really like coffee. A lot.

  5. Oh thank all the powers at be for Firefly, and a library that carries them since I am too miserly for pay-entertainment. My favorite character? River. Very close second is her brother, Simon.

    COFFEE SUCKS, but man do I love it


    1. Forgot the why – River: because crazy is endearing and awakens the mommy within me. Simon because a brother's love makes me weep.

      I guess neither of those things SOUND like good things, perhaps it is the catharsis that ensues.

      1. Total moron, here, who can't read directions AND put cranky toddlers to bed. Actual person, non-character, my fav has got to be Nathan Fillion. For the utterly supraliminal reason of: he is a total hottie, with great hair.

  6. Um, I think it is really hard to say who my favorite is. I always end up watching new shows only if they have a Joss Whedon alum in them. Maybe a tie between Nathan Fillion or David Boreanaz?

    And can I also just say howhandsome you are? ') I love coffee.

  7. I did my homework, as I was not familiar with Joss Whedon, and came across Toy Story. Now, it is hard to pick just ONE from that movie, but since I HAVE to, I will pick Buzz (Woody Allen). I LOVE coffee. I love coffee quickly in the am.

  8. I think I'm gonna have to go with Oz… because, dude… he's Oz.
    Although I have a soft spot in my heart for Spike.
    And um, Anya… there is just something special about a demon that is afraid of bunnies.
    Thanks a lot…. now I want coffee and to sit down and watch the entire Buffy series.

  9. I do not have, personally, a US shipping address… but I could probably find one if it meant winning a coffee maker. Since, really, we never make more than one cup of coffee at a time, either. And while Nathan Fillion is the easy choice? I'm going with Kaylee… Jewel Staite, if only for that one line. :)

  10. Neil Patrick Harris as "Dr. Horrible" is one of my favorite of his characters, but most specifically when he wears his goggles up on his forehead. I can no more explain why than I can explain why the sunset has colors (something something light refraction something).

  11. I love Seth Green!! Oz…poor tortured werewolf!! And he is a total Star Wars buff like my hubby. And he is a really down to earth funny guy. My hubby has met him a couple of times because of his Star Wars fanatacism (IS that a word?) and says he's just super cool. Gotta love that. And well he's just funny. :)

  12. I'd say my favorite is NPH, mostly just because I love, love, love Dr. Horrible. But I also loved him on Glee, and he seems like a great guy.

  13. Neil Patrick Harris… Dr. Horrible, all the way! Thanks for the best review/giveaway I've seen yet for the Brewbot. Appreciate the chuckle!

  14. Hee hee heee. I'm giggling over Joss Whedon. This is the kind of review I wish I were talented enough to write!

    I have to go with Buffy because I'm a total 80's girl.

  15. I'm gonna say Emma Caulfield (Anya). Because who doesn't love a demon turned mortal who's terrified of bunnies?

  16. By far my favorite Joss Whedon alumna is Roseanne Barr. I'm a little disappointed you overlooked such a phenomenal talent in your list.

    1. Well, in my defense I listed shows he created, and shows his actors went on

      to work on. Roseanne was overlooked because she fits on neither list.

  17. SPECIAL AGENT SEELEY JOSEPH BOOTH!!! I mean, uh, David Boreanaz, the actor who portrays the fictional character on Bones. I don't believe that Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth exists or have a diabolical plot I'm hatching to offload Hotter and marry Booth or anything.

  18. Alyson Hannigan. I adored her as Willow, and she's also ridiculously adorable in real life. And I LOVE that she and Alexis Denisof ended up married (and have an equally ridiculously adorable daughter, who I think they even birthed at home… seriously, I think they may be my favorite celebrity couple in part bc they seem so down-to-earth and awesome).

  19. I'm responding more as a Joss Whedon fan than a T1000 'Terminate John Connor's coffee maker' coffe maker desirer…That's a tough question, but after much debate and solitaire rock, paper, scissors I choose Adam Baldwin. Loved him (not in a weird way) on Firefly/Serenity and still love him (possibly in a weird way) on Chuck.

  20. ok I don't have a favorite because clearly I have been under a rock, of course I love mad men, how I met your mother and castle, but since I never watched the other shows you listed I have no idea which actors came from them

  21. **Crawling out from under my rock** The only one from that list I recognize is Dr. Horrible, I think. Is that the thing NPH did? If not, well then I guess I can just tell you how handsome you are. Oh wait I've already done that. Just gie me the damn coffee maker already so I can stop rambling.

  22. Favorite alum? Definitely Nathan Fillion because… Captain Hammer (corporate tool). I was late to "discover" Joss Whedon, and Dr. Horrible was my gateway drug.

  23. I love Adam Balwin as Jayne, Jewel Staithe as Katlee, But really, I just wanna be a Spike & Angel sammich.

    And I like coffee.

    And you "really ARE ruggedly handsome!"

  24. I like Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible because he makes me laugh. I'm easy like that.

  25. I can't pick just one. I can't. It would be like choosing a favorite child, really. I love his broken men and strong, capable women (who hold them together and/or fix them). Who could pick?

  26. And I KNOW you said only one entry and quite frankly I don't care much about the coffee maker but I am reading the comments now and I think all of these people who have no clue about whedon's shows should be strapped to a chair for one serious marathon. Not even kidding.

  27. NPH is too easy. I love David Boreanaz but that's mostly due to a dream I had about him. I'm gonna go with Nathan Fillion because I did not like him at all for a while but his characters grew on me. Sealing the deal: he's damn funny on Twitter.
    Now I'm in the mood to rank my favorite Whedon characters.

    1. Okay, I vote that those who did not follow the rules do not get entered in the contest! How are there this many people who've never seen Whedon shows?? I haz a sad.

  28. I've never seen Dr. Horrible. I like my rock. But I have watched How I Met Your Mother, because I love Neil Patrick Harris. I'll go with that. So, Hooray for Joss Whedon!

  29. Shiny!!! Why do I have to pick just one?! Can't I love them all? In fact I refuse to be confined to just one favorite character…Firefly is my fav show though; then Buffy, then Angel, the Doctor Horrible, then Dollhouse (never really did get into that one…probably because have to small children screaming while I tried to watch tv never really let me focus). Oh I wish his Wonder Woman project had been allowed to come to life…it would have been so frakking shiny.

  30. I am an under rock dweller and if I was abmitious I would have googled this Joss person, but alas I am not. But coffeee, I seriously love me some coffee and I my first taste of this wonderful tar only 4 months ago! How did I manage to go so long without my beloved coffee?

  31. I love Firefly and Castle, so my favorite is Nathan Fillion. I love how subtle references to Firefly show up on Castle. Brilliant!

    1. The Halloween episode! "I'm a space cowboy" It's the only reason I even watch Castle!

      1. I'm so glad you won — that random generator must have had some divine quidance because you had the best entries, too.

  32. I'm out due to no. 8. Bummer.

    But, I actually have to say I don't want the Tassimo anyway so I guess I'm not that put out by my disqualification! :) My reason is the waste. We have one of these things at work, and you should see the heap of little plastic disc thingies at the end of the day. It's a lot.

  33. My favorite alumna is David Boreanaz. Angel was cool but Seeley is the bomb! And, BTW, you ARE handsome :-)

  34. Only one alumnus? Nate Fillion. Um, because he's CUTE. And funny. And cute. But I also lurve Neal Patrick Harris, but since it is likely to go unrequited what with the whole his being gay thing, I will have to stick with Mr. Fillion, my being married being so seriously not the point. And his mother's name is Cookie. And I love you too. Not in weird way either. Are you arms really hairless? They do appear that way.

  35. Alyson Hannigan for so many reasons, not the least of which is because she once emoticon winked at me on Twitter. I love her. In that weird way.

  36. Oh God, what a cruel choice to have to make… I'm gonna go with Jayne from Firefly. Because he got the best lines. Like the chain of command thing.

    I'd love to have a Tassimo because I don't drink coffee, but I would really like to offer it to guests during playdates or dinner, or when we have people stay at our house. I'd use it to make tea and hot cocoa for myself.

  37. thought i was under a rock but really i'm just a tired parent. Firefly is definitely my fav since it's the only one i've seen.

  38. Allyson Hannigan by far! Loved her on Buffy as Willow but I love her as a person. She told her birth story on and I just fell in love! She had a homebirth! Gotta love that.

  39. Jayne Cobb or Adam Baldwin because he delivers his lines spot on and makes me laugh nearly everytime. I've seen Firefly about a million times and he's the one that always makes me laugh. He does exactly the same spot on delivery in Chuck.

    Pick me Random number generator!

  40. My favorite is Alyson Hannigan. She was so cute as Willow, and just as adorable and funny as Lily.

  41. I, um, don't think I've ever watched anything from Joss Whedon. *ducks head in shame and to avoid any projectiles*. Give a girl a break…I only JUST NOW realized the awesomeness of The Office. If you have a "best of" recommendation, I'm all ears. But I do think you're awfully handsome :) and love you too (in that not weird way).

  42. I have never even heard Joss Whedonof ?! I have heard of Buffy but never watched it. Don't judge me ;) . I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my daily coffee !!!
    ~Monika~ from Colorado

  43. I not only don't know who he is, I have never watched any of his shows…Really. However you are handsome, your wife is pretty, and your children may be as cute as mine….

  44. OMG, how to choose? We're big Joss fans around here. I'd probably go with Felicia Day, because she went from Buffy to the Guild (+ Dr Horrible, of course). Or Alan Tudyk (as Wash more than Alpha, though).

  45. OK, I followed your tweet mainly because you mentioned two of my favourite things in the whole world – coffee and Whedon. (Not necessarily in that order.) Picking only one actor that I love from Whedon's shows is difficult. So, to actually make a decision, I will have to choose my celebrity doppelganger, Alyson Hannigan. (Not joking – people have actually approached me and told me that I look like "that American Pie" girl. My Hallowe'en costume one year was walking around saying "This one time, at band camp…") I still maintain that I should have been cast as Willow.

  46. Alyson Hannigan, hands down. Willow is such a fantastic character- so innocent until the magic takes over or her lover is shot in front of her face or she becomes leather-clad vampire Willow. I don't know a guy who watched Buffy that didn't LOVE her. I also agree that she is super sweet and funny IRL- as I am like you and most of my celebrity follow list consists of Whedon alum. Anybody that gets that swoony over Katy Perry gets my vote.

  47. My situation is this: I LOVED this original Buffy movie. So – for what it's worth, Kristie Swanson and Luke Perry do it for me. "…Marry Christian Slater and DIE" – lived by that in high school.

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