What Are the Most Exciting Things You’ve Discovered Since Becoming a Dad?

Longtime Lurker JoT asked this question the other day: “What are the most exciting things you’ve discovered since becoming a dad?”

Hmm. Most exciting? That’s a new way to approach things. “Most awesome” would get you a list of things like the smell of the top of the baby’s head, hearing your daughter say “I love you daddy”, guilt-free watching of The Goodnight Show on Sprout (Hi Nina!), and all the goldfish crackers you can eat.

Most exciting though…exciting things are less about the moment and more about the future. Things that excite you are the imminent drop on the roller coaster, your impending graduation, your wedding night. All good when they happen as well, but very, very special in the anticipation.

Among the most exciting things I’ve discovered since becoming a dad are Adrian’s first date and Erin’s first play. Some day Adrian is going to be all nerves and butterflies about someone special and I can’t wait to be there for him, to help give him the confidence he needs to be comfortable being himself in that situation. And some day Erin is going to be channeling a strong character up on stage and I can’t wait to be the loudest voice raised in love and appreciation for her effort, enthusiasm, and skill.

I’ll be looking forward to those moments. I’ll enjoy them when they get here, but I think I’m enjoying the anticipation even more.

6 thoughts on “What Are the Most Exciting Things You’ve Discovered Since Becoming a Dad?”

  1. My first thought when I read the question was, "floaters in the tub." I think maybe I missed the point. Your answers are great. Those are some things to look forward to.

  2. There are 3 that are tops in my list right now. After working all day and knowing that there is someone who will scream with joy when I get home, hearing my little girl call me Ababi (father) in her 3 year old Ethiopian accent, and sharing the joy that is the original StarWars trilogy.

  3. There are so many moments- hard to pick one. I'm looking forward to scaring the hell out of the boy who comes to take my daughter on her first date. Oy, can't imagine that she'll be that old, but time is proving otherwise.

  4. The miracle of reading. You've worked on all the building blocks, but you're still awed one day when you see your kid sound out and read a word on his own without you, and you ponder what a miracle is the human mind.

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