Strange Side Effects of the Slow Carb, 4-Hour Body Diet

So, I’ve been doing this thing, this program, this diet, this idea, this whatever for a month and some change. Over the course of that time, I’ve lost 13 pounds, and including the ten weeks I was just adding protein shakes in the morning, I’ve lost 18 pounds. That’s great. That’s what I was hoping would happen.

But I’ve also had two unexpected things happen. First, I never nap anymore. I used to want to take naps all the time. I don’t know why I don’t nap anymore, beyond just not feeling tired. Maybe a steady diet of eggs, spinach, beans, and chicken just doesn’t turn your body into a hibernator. I noticed today (it’s Cheat Day) that I DO want to nap. Oh god, I’ve wanted to nap all day. More flour and sugar makes me sleepy? Maybe.

Second, I don’t have dandruff anymore. (Hi there. I used to be a flaky mess.) This was totally out of the blue, Selson or otherwise. I don’t want to claim that the Slow Carb Diet is a dandruff cure, but hell, I think the Slow Carb Diet might be a dandruff cure.

That’s kind of amazing. It makes me want to go get a haircut, just so I can sit there and not have the stylist try to sell me a special shampoo. That was a pretty regular, and mortifying, thing. But apart from buying those special shampoos, what else was there to do? I don’t know.

Maybe spinach held my answer all along. Or maybe it’s the eggs. Or the lack of flour or sugar. I don’t know. It’s not like I’d ever really even looked into why I might have that problem. But this is a crazy random happenstance, and I have to attribute it to something that’s changed, and the only thing I can think of that changed was what I’m eating.

I’m fearlessly wearing a black t-shirt right now.

6 thoughts on “Strange Side Effects of the Slow Carb, 4-Hour Body Diet”

  1. Hey good luck. I did it for three months earlier this year. I love it when I was on it, but i had a problem. I am very much a junkfood junkie and i thought it was great because i could tell myself that i could resist urges because i had my cheat day. The problem was the urges were always there and eventually i fell off the wagon after a few months and once i was off i was off hard.

    then i decided to try paleo which is the same but no cheat day and no beans. After about 3-4 weeks the urges were gone, completely gone and i have been on it for a few months now.

    I like the slow carb diet, and it does work, it just didnt work for me long term, but it is not like paleo is far off.

    Have you ever seen the movie fathead? If not and if you like this topic make sure you check it out streaming on netflix or hulu plus.

    good luck

      1. Awesome, keep it up, it is a great lifestyle and easy to eat out with.

        I gave up soda Jan 1 for 30 days… and so far it has lasted through today. I decided to just keep going. Ok except for that one Jack and Coke at Ignite Phoenix this summer.

  2. I want to wear black… Please, tell me more. I read the 4hr body but just was not able to get the change of diet going. Was fixing a meal for me, one for the wife and a third for the kid. Turned out I did not increase in enough energy to keep up with the extra work! Now I got the workout going but i can’t seem to gain the muscle i was hoping for.

  3. I feel a bit feverish on my 2nd day. I thought it was a side effect. But I am craving for everything I can’t eat right now. Chocolate, beer. I hope I can do this!

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