Backpacking Dad’s Overdue Reviews: It puts the lotion on its skin, or it….

03/31/2011 By Shawn Burns

I was recently recognized by the Internet as the world’s sexiest dad blogger.

It’s been a wild ride: parties with movie stars, free cars, vacations to Mars. But I couldn’t have done it on my own. No, no. Even a dad blogger as naturally sexy as yours truly needs help sometimes.

For the last couple of weeks, the world’s sexiest dad blogger has been applying Lubriderm’s new “Body, Face & Post-shave Lotion” to his face.


Before beginning the Lubriderm 3-in-1 Lotion regimen, my face was pretty sexy. Since beginning the regimen, my face has continued to be sexy. That is to say, using Lubriderm’s “dermatologist developed” lotion will not reduce your sexiness if you are already as naturally sexy as I am. Your mileage may vary. An averagely sexy man might see his sexiness improve; he might see it diminish. Innate sexiness is, I think, the deciding factor.

Enough jokes.

I was asked to review a face lotion, and I said yes, because every now and then I decide I want to take better care of my skin. Lubriderm sent me some free face lotion, and I proceeded to use it for a while.

I’ve never been much more than a “shave, rinse with cold water, be about my business” kind of guy. Probably as a consequence of that, I’ve never been a model of perfect skin. I think I remember growing the goatee at least in part because my chin kept breaking out when I was 18, and it was an easy way to hide the post-apocalyptic wasteland that lived south of my lips.

I want to tell you that this face lotion will change your life. But, really, I can’t tell the difference between my face now and my face before. I haven’t broken out consistently in a very long time, and I have had a blemish pop up since I began using the lotion, so it’s not exactly a cure-all. What I can tell you is that the lotion feels a little greasy when it goes on, but quickly disappears, leaving skin a bit softer. It doesn’t last all day, and I haven’t noticed any cumulative effects yet, even after a little over a week of regular use.

The bottles are very men’s gym looking, so if someone walks in on you while you are applying lotion, at least it’s not coming out of a bottle with flowers on it, or something.

I’ve been using the “lightly” fragranced version. I don’t mind the smell. I do feel a bit like I’ve done a good deed for my face after I use it, but that might be a combination of a clean scent and the actual process of doing something to try to take care of my skin.

So, guys: Should you buy the Lubriderm “dermatologist developed” Men’s 3-in-1 Body, Face & Post-shave Lotion? I don’t know if you should buy it instead of whatever lotion you already use for your face. If you aren’t using a lotion on your face already, and don’t wish to start, then no. If you aren’t using a lotion and you wish to start, then this one won’t burn your face off.

Ladies: Should you buy the Lubriderm “dermatologist developed” men’s 3-in-1 Body, Face & Post-shave Lotion for a man in your life? He probably won’t hate you for it.

Look, I’m going to keep using the lotion. I have two huge damned bottles of the stuff that I didn’t pay for and I’m not about to throw them away. Maybe by the time I get through them, my skin will be glowing like whatever the hell is in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, and I’ll run out and buy more lotion immediately. It’s possible; I can’t see the future. I don’t dislike the product, so it’s worth my time.

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